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Auto USB power box

kalshagar - Auto USB power box


thumb_UsbPowBox.jpgWhen the pc starts up (the one under the TV that plays music with RFID) I'd like the power of the 2.1 speaker system to turn on. Same, when I turn the pc off, I'd like the power of the speaker system to stop. Indeed, there is a manual power switch and lazy as I am, I can't not forget it...

20101208: 1h hour of job, it's done. Problem, I picked the wrong wallwart, the one I wanted to command spits 12V/3A which is too much for the 2A rated SSR. I have to go for a bigger relay. Still, this one turns on some nice ambient light thing .
20111122: OMG I just discovered it is a wellknown concept in Denmark! (not my stuff, I mean the idea) There is something great in the kingdom of Denmark ... link


USB powered, when the PC is on, 5V (max 500 mA) is sourced and turns on a little relay (maybe Solid State Relay). Stick between power and the relay command a diode (avoid short circuits). I initially wanted to put a resistor also but one I measured the current going through it was only 20mA anyway. So I let it like that with the big diode protecting the %20 pin.
The 2 leds %20 resistor are here only for the bling-bling. They are not in serial with the relay command, but it forms another loop around the USB power.
Version 1 schema (basically also version 2 since it's quite trivial)
Edit: this schema could use a small 100 ohm resistor before the diode to command the SSD, I never thought at the time to check the current consumption...


external image I-03236.JPG

Version 1 : Solid State Relay, max 2A

  • One electric cable 1m : 100 JPY
  • One usb cable : 100 JPY
  • Solid State Relay 240V/2A : 250 JPY
  • 1 diode 1N4007, 2 leds, 100 ohm resistor : 100 JPY
Total : around 500 JPY

Version 2 : Solid State Relay kit from Akizukidenshi , max 25A

Total : around 500 JPY

In this version, no protection nothing before the Optocoupler, just plugged to USB. There is a 300 ohm serial resistor, around 10mA will flow to trigger it.


Version 1 : Solid State Relay, max 2A

In yellow, the Solid State Relay. In green, 2 green leds %20 a 100 ohm resistor in serial
external image 2010-12-08%2000.17.30.jpg
Everything in the box when the USB is on (yeah yeah bling bling, I know, but I have 100 leds to use so...)
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