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Complete project list

Arduino supported

  • ardNotifier : LCD display with leds for the funk and buttons for the interaction
  • MagicSango : a coral (sango in japanese) with an arduino pro mini, rgb color and sensitive to sound
  • ardServerRoomProbeheart.gif or ASRP : gives you temperature and humidity information right from the server room
  • ardReveil v2 : (vII) 2nd version, mimics the ardReveil minus the touch and funk, plus the Gameboy style music
  • ardPlayer tokens : to change your PC's WMP playlist with nice RFID tokens, this way please.
  • ardTouchheart.gif : Touch screen from LiquidWare with a a la iPhone interface to act as a secondary touch screen
  • ardColorLamp : associate a Nindendo DS touch screen, RGB led and an Arduino for the glue and you have an interactive lighting system
  • ardBlueControl : a remote control working by BlueTooth and allowing to control PC media player and basic function
  • ardPowerSwitch : a PowerSwitch clone, just more out-of the box I hope
  • Laser cutter : a home made laser cutter, the 2013 project.
  • Dust counter : counting dust with eBay cheap components
  • ardEnvironment Sensor : a friend's project on environmental and epidemiology, gaz & environment sensors
  • Lumambiance : a poor man ambilight(c) clone
  • ardPulsar : a present for a friend, a 3 RGB led controllable box, to warn you for new mails
  • Tempescope : an implementation of the opensource Tempescope]]
  • jaugercancel.gifArduino programmer : ISP programmer based on an Arduino
  • jaugerfail.gifardReveilheart.gif : (vI) arduino supported alarm clock

Atmega series but no Arduino

Attiny series

Without a microcontroller

Boards and developement related

Other projects ...

See the project status legend.

Softwares and tools

I intend by modules sofware libraries or sort of, that are helpful for development.
All content on this site is shared under the MIT licence (do what u want, don't sue me, hat tip appreciated) ~ Formerly known as (AlanFromJapan [2009 - 2019])