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Fixing leaking capacitors

kalshagar - Fixing leaking capacitors

Howto fix leaking capacitors

After few search on the net, you find 2 main points:
  1. Cleanup the electrolyte with acetone (dissolvent for nail painting)
  2. Replace the capacitor with one of same value (duh)

My friend Jan gave me his alarm clock to fix. Symptoms : the figure were working fine, then started to blink or appear partially, then became completely erratic and finally didn't show up anymore. The system seems still working partially since radio module works fine. Well, that's the description of a leaking capacitor by the book. Indeed, after opening the box, it took me less than 2 minutes to find those 2 (!) little leaking buddies.

Just use the following steps:
  1. Take picture or drawing of the situation before, where is the component plug, is there a direction to plug it (once removed, you will ned that info)
  2. Cut the legs
  3. Remove the remaining legs by unsoldering it OR solder on the legs, your choice
  4. Cleanup the mess with a toothbrush and some dissolvent (my case, it was totally unefficient ... I scratched it with some tool in the end)
  5. Solder the new component in place of the old one (but this one you got it of course)
  6. Voila. Plug and cross your fingers. Avoid puting your noose on the new solder cap is a good advice, in case it might decide to blow violently. Better safe than sorry.
    1. In my case, it worked just fine, and the alarm clock is now fixed and works just fine (^o^)v


external image 2010-12-05%2000.15.18.jpg
Notice that little b*stard 100 uF/25V in the back and the brown electrolyte leak.
external image 2010-12-05%2000.15.59.jpg
His little brother that also decided to leak... same type.
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