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Some hardware tests, tinkering, playing around with some stuff... with more or less result. There is also notes, hints or tutorials on howto use this or that component, plus cross-reference with some projects.

Microcontroller related

- Arduino without arduinoheart.gif
├─ Watchdog as interrupt
├─ AVRStudioFlasher to upload code from AVR Studio
└─ Specific microcontrollers
    ├─ ATtiny10
    ├─ ATtiny13
    ├─ ATtiny26
    ├─ ATtiny2313
    ├─ ATmega328
    ├─ ATmega88
    ├─ ATmega8a
    ├─ ATmega64a
    └─ AT90S4414 old school micro controller
- ARM LPC1114 microcontroller
- Arduino Mini Pro
- Arduino BT
- Arduino and Ethernet

Sensors and input

- Arduino and a Microphone
- Arduino and a Nintendo DS touch screen
- Arduino and a photocell
- Arduino and Ultra-sonic
- Arduino and a thermometer
- Arduino and a humidity sensor HS15P
- Arduino and Wii Nunchuck
- Arduino and IR (infrared)
- Arduino and Capacitive sensor (you)
- Arduino and a button
- Arduino and a TRCT5000

Output and displays

- Arduino and a TV
- Arduino and a VGA screen
- Arduino and a speaker
- Arduino and graphical LCD
- Arduino and a Character LCD
- Arduino and a Led
- Arduino and a Dot Matrix
- Arduino and a laser
- Arduino and speech
└-- Arduino and Aques-Talk ICs
- Arduino and MP3
- eInk display

Specific component jiberjaber

- Arduino and a Real Time Clock (RTC)
- Arduino and Shift-registers
- Timers and 555
- Arduino and a YMZ294heart.gif
- Arduino and YMZ285
- Arduino and RFID
- Arduino and Stepper motors
- Nixie tubes and alike
- Arduino and ESP8266

General electronic

- PCB and eagle
- Eagle library
- Signal amplification (OpAmp)
- Power considerations
- Solar panel power
- Japanese and Electronics
- Electronics and tools
- Transistors and logic
- Radio waves
- High voltage
- Inductors and coils

Gameboy related

- Gameboy screen
- Gameboy guts and programming
- Fixing a gameboy
- Repair - Gameboy battery upgrade
- Gameboy housing a DS

Repairs (or not): "Fix it or brick it" section

- Repair - Sony NAS-V7M 100% Fail
- Repair - Galaxy Note 80% Fail 20% Success
- Repair - Gameboy battery upgrade 100% Success
- Repair - Sweaty palms ultra oxidized Gameboy
- Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook 5000 fix 100% Success
- Repair - Makita 3700 trimmer 100% Success
- Cheap LCD car tv screen 100% Success
- Drill battery from laptop battery 100% Success


- Raspi or different projects around the Raspberry pi
    - SNES Pi webserver is the webserver that runs the site you're presently reading
- Orange Pi memo of all the pains I got to make it run!
- Wikispaces to Flask hosting
- Atmel assembler
- ARM programming
- Cisco IP phone headphone
- USB without Arduino
- Triacs and photocoupler
- Fixing leaking capacitors
- Around a SNES
- Paper circuits
- PIC programming
- Resin casting
- Working with acrylic
- Linux mint dev and setup, plus other random pains
- BC05B Bluetooth module
All content on this site is shared under the MIT licence (do what u want, don't sue me, hat tip appreciated) ~ Formerly known as (AlanFromJapan [2009 - 2019])