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PCB and eagle

kalshagar - PCB and eagle


General Eagles tricks and things to remember

For now just a bunch of unordered memo but that's things not to be forgotten.
  • Add a version number and maybe a date
  • Name your board, because it won't be obvious in 6 months
  • If it's not absolutely clear now while looking at the pcb, it will not be when you'll receive it in 3 weeks ! Make it clear!
  • If it looks thin/small, it's even thiner/smaller than what you think in real. Make it bigger.
    • Text under size 1.0 is very small
  • Don't forget holes for screws, it's easier now than later.
  • Check carefully the silk, some labels might be missing and you won't easily know in which way plug this condensator or what the hell are those 2 holes made for?!
    • In case of transistor, mention NPN/PNP and which pins are E,B,C in case later you need an equivalent transistor and want to find quickly one matching.
    • If you have a power rail for instance, mark is also on the bottom silk. That will be helpful when you solder.
  • Walk on the professional-side : add a ground plane (poly gnd)
  • Make provision for extra :
    • If you have a uC, put the ISP programmer. You might not need it now, but the day you will, you will regret it.
    • extra power connector,
    • extra condensator,
    • extra test pad,
    • extra PTC,...

How to place components on a circle

  1. Put your n components on the PCB, make sure they have a name with a common prefix followed by a increasing number (LED1, LED2, LED3,...)
  2. File -> Run ... -> cmd-draw.ulp
  3. Choose Move then fill :
    1. "1st Element" = LED1
    2. X center and Y center and radius
    3. Angle step (= 360 divided by component number)
    4. "Angle step type:"
      1. Choose "degrees step"
      2. Check "Rotate items to match"
    5. "Form" : choose Circle
  4. Run!
  5. Copy paste the script and change the ROTATE command in case components are not properly aligned with the center

How to create the BOM

In the schematic view:
  1. In the text command zone type run bom.ulp
  2. You get the popup, you can just export to HTML or CSV


PCB company


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