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Repair - Galaxy Note

kalshagar - Repair - Galaxy Note

My Galaxy Note keeps on vibrating every 2 seconds

Fail_Logo.jpgLucky me, I just bought last week a new and nice Galaxy J (knock off version of the Galaxy S5), but still. In a middle of a game, screen turns off, and the phone vibrates every 2 seconds. Charger plugged, unplugged, with battery, without battery, no change: black screen and reboots every 2 seconds.
Quick check on internet, it's a known disease of the recent Samsung phones: the power button stays stuck. You have to open your phone and replace the tact switch... if you have american model. Being in Japan I have the pleasure to own a model that includes TV and for the which the tact switch is repaced by a cheapest kapton sandwich switch (see the pictures).

A few other gentleman had the same problem and explained here hteir solution:


  1. Open your phone by removing all the screws in the back
  2. Pry the back open by sliding a plastic lever or driver along the screen
  3. Remove the few last screws and unplug the daughter-boards
  4. Unsolder the power button
  5. Solder another one instead
  6. Voila
    1. least that was the plan. It worked, minus a few rework, the power on is working again: solder the hair thin wire was a pain, assembling was tricky and I had to put some extra layers of tape to have the external button press at the right place. The big fail is that the 2 bottom haptic buttons don't work anymore. Don't know why, put all screws (ahum... minus one) in place but still doesn't work.
Final status: an android phone with a power button that works but no haptic menu/back buttons. Faiiiiiiil.
The culprit button that doesn't work anymore
Air-wire fixing: that worked but we all agree it can't stay
Fixing explained : in red the hair-thin wires, green the touch switch
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