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Repair - Sony NAS-V7M

kalshagar - Repair - Sony NAS-V7M
Fail_Logo.jpgI found this baby lost and abandonned in the trash. Again, in Japan things are sorted, it's a separate box : I don't go diving in a see of garbage and used diapers to fetch these things. Anyway, since my wife needed something like that I brought it home. Let's try to fix it !

Fixing diary

Step 1 : initial status

Item is clean, no apparent degradation, no bruises, no scratch (again, I love Japan). A fair bit of dust though, indicates it had most likely not been used for some times.
Feeding it the AC power : standby led turns red, the right hand display has the retro-lightning turning on (or so), and you can hear the device emit a hit pitched faint hiss (regulator screaming for help?)
Hitting the On/Off switch does nothing, like all the other buttons.

First hypothesis : maybe power issue on the secondary or a dead cap (please make it a dead cap, my ESR meter arrived today in the mail, and it's easy to fix). Only solution, the operating room !

UPDATE: (later that night) after opening the baby, which was not that easy I can finally access the insides. And after searching on the net, apparently Sony did a little mistake with those speakers : there's a problem with the power IC and seems that after some times the machine just refuses to turn on. Hum ... seems pretty close of my problem.

Step 2 : investigation in powerland

My ultimate goal: fix it without getting shocked by AC or breaking it over the repairability point.

Finally, I couldn't fix it, changed job, let it for the bench for 6 months and when I started working electronics back I had no idea where I had left it so... it ended up in the garbage, a bit lighter with a few parts missing.
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