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Subwoofer repair

Last update: Mon Oct 15 22:56:20 2018
kalshagar - Subwoofer repair

Repair this dead 2.1 speaker

Well my dear and old companion for the last 5 years, the Creative xxxxxxx died a few weeks ago. The speakers left and right are still working just fine, but no sound anymore from the subwoofer. Niet, nothing, nada, rien, niks. I'm a bit sad since this one was a nice fellow giving me plenty satisfaction and with a convenient design compared to the potential replacement models sold nowadays. Of course this is not typically the kind of item you want to fix since let's face it, a new one costs 2000-3000 JPY (any repair would be around 1000 JPY). Let's try to see it the good side then : if it ends up in a total failure, I'll just buy a new one anyway...

Conception digression

Well, we can't drive that big baby subwoofer with a tiny LM386 or a HT82V739, but let's go for a NEC µPC2002 (clone of TDA2002 it seems, itseld cloned by a LM383) that can spit 8W !

Since I plan to keep the original circuit for the 2 satelites (working just fine) I'll hijack power, stereo input and the speaker and plug the uPC2002 on it, plus maybe a low-pass filter if I can get nice results.

Todo list :
  • Wire the amp with its surrounding friends
  • Hijack the input stereo without breaking the already existing
  • Hijack the power
  • Plug on the speaker
  • Reuse the "remote" potentiometer for subwoofer volume or reinstall one

Sample circuits

uPC2002 / TDA2002 / LM383 related

Low pass filter

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