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gameboy housing a ds

Last update: Mon Oct 15 22:56:20 2018
One day maybe ...

Links and disclaimer

I have that old GB brick now empty of its content (screen dead), I have that old Nintendo DS 1st version that was ugly from the start and has a broken screen connector ... Shall we reuse one for the other?
Apparently doable, seing the piece of art this gentleman made:
  • Details FAAAAAAIL Bacman closed his forum, nothing left.
  • Youtube
  • Now some other pointers:
  • Another guy who had the idea:
  • Same same:
  • More:
  • And again a gtranslated
  • Things to know


    A DS can run with only one screen but you must trick it to think other screen is attached: put a resistor in lieu of the pins for the backlight (maybe in fact a protection to avoid short or whatever?)
  • If you keep the bottom and dump the top screen: locate on the board the pins LEDC2 and LEDA2 which are the Cathode(-) and Anode(+) of the backlight of screen 2. On the v1 fat DS, it's to the top right next ot the Start button. Any resistor will go, I put a 1kOhm and works fine. Some people put a led+resistor, up to you.
  • If you keep the top and dump the bottom screen: same, with LEDC1 and LEDA1, which is at the top-side around the lower part of the main board, slightly off-centered to the right.
  • board of DS version 1
    The mother board of a v1 NintendoDS (one I use in my case)

    How I wired the hacked bottom of the original GB brick to reuse most of the buttons: yellow = gnd, orange = how to join the gnd together to get it everywhere, pink = signal
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