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news-avatar.200120.png 2019-06-06 - getting hot
My air conditionned is second hand like the house, and the remote bid us farewell. Luckily I have another Mitsubishi aircon for the which the remote works, but now I can use one out of 2 (I could turn both on but navigating between rooms with the remote is not fun). So should I buy again a remote (which failed first time because my aircon is an antique) or make one? I'd say the tipping point is 10USD: if a new working remote costs me less than that, I'll buy it. Let's see. news-avatar.200120.png 2019-06-04 - And the sun shined
At last, my eInk Weather station is completed and seating in the entrance. I should make a cache to hide the screen ugly connector and PCB as per my wife suggestion: that will come later.
news-avatar.200120.png 2019-04-11 - PT2399
Wow found someone who makes something new with the PT2399 (not like me) and share her schematics here news-avatar.200120.png 2019-03-04 - LittlevGL GUI
Found a nice user interface library for micro controllers (in C): LittlevGL. Looks very nice, now works with micropython, will try to give it a try one of these days, maybe for my Bedside mood companion (if one day I really start working on it :) news-avatar.200120.png 2019-02-20 - Color highlight!
You don't care but I do, so now my edition mode has HTML syntax highlighting after all these years. Took me 2h thanks to the great CodeMirror library. Big big big thanks to them, it's easy to use, works from the start, lots of themes, and free: I love it. news-avatar.200120.png 2019-02-13 - And the weather cleared
One week later, the damage is fixed and my eInk Weather station is back, kindly supported by the excellent site. news-avatar.200120.png 2019-02-06 - Et merde...
My eInk Weather station was fine, I finally resume on it and BAM ! Yahoo! decommissioned the API used by the Python lib... Now got to rewrite the app to use another provider, maybe et merde. news-avatar.200120.png 2019-01-31 - Smartphone, Linux and USB
Had a few ideas recently now that my setup AVR on Linux is working: a Smartphone Media Keyboard that would allow me to press Next/Pause while I listen to music at my desk and not unlock screen, while charging the phone. And while I'm at it, a small USB Smart Switch that could connect/disconnect the data easily when I work on a USB gadget.
news-avatar.200120.png 2019-01-22 - Google scripts
Found this article on Hackaday about google scripts ... looks interresting, especially to do some advanced cleanup in mail gmail mailbox!
news-avatar.200120.png 2019-01-10 - Happy new 2019
Hi all and happy new year! In fact winter break was dedicated to setup a Line chatbot and it worked just fine (^_^)v Need now to find a real usage for it ...
I found this nice firmware for SonOFF devices, and sicne I'm equipped at home, it might make sense to try it...

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