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smokey amp vv

Last update: Mon Oct 15 22:56:20 2018
Based on Smokey amp vIII, the same circuit with minor additions. The main change is the details level and the lack of switch thanks to the usage of the mono jack Ring/Sleeve as a switch. Project completed in Jan 2016.

For once I built a Smokey amp that is really in a cigaret pack. Still based on Mr. Segovis of Hackaweek design, a minor change is the reuse of the input jack as a power switch, a power led for the blingbling and a few components values that have changed.

Notes about sound and caps

Datasheet explains it: the bigger C1 is the more amplification you get (max 10uF in real life). No C1 makes lowest amplification which translates also happily in low distortion. C2 does quite a bit of bass amplification, I like it. There's another way to do a bass boost exlained in the datasheet, I won't use it here.
I spend time tinkering on the final circuit swapping caps etc... here's my results.
  • C1 = (none) + C2 = (none) : cleanest sound, barely no humming, no disto ... too clean in fact to my taste
  • C1 = (none) + C2 = 200 : cleaner sound, barely no humming, low disto, nice bass
  • C1 = 1.5 + C2 = (none) : clean sound, low humming, low disto
  • C1 = 1.5 + C2 = 220 : a bit humming but nice bass sound improved
  • C1 = 4.7 + C2 = (none) : clean sound, high humming
  • C1 = 4.7 + C2 = 220 : higher humming, move amplification, nice bass

  • ⇒ Will go for C1 = 1.5 + C2 = 220 and C1 = (none) + C2 = 220 by adding a small slide switch to bypass C1 in case. And C2 = 220 because I like the bass boost it proposes.


    The circuit, piggyback style, trying to keep wires at minimum length.

    Before getting in the box

    The inner carrier in wood ready for final assembly.

    The final thing, with my guitar.

    Close-up shot
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